Cultural Recommendations in Practice

Submitted by Sugestio on 1 September 2011 - 12:07pm

In a previous blog post, we discussed multiple approaches to recommending cultural events. The results from our experiment will be put to use in the near future. Most cultural venues, big or small, have some kind of online presence to advertise upcoming events. Currently, only the biggest venues are able to create engaging online communities for their visitors. User profiles are thus scattered across multiple databases and smaller players have little information on their visitors. Together with CultuurNet Vlaanderen and LodgON, Sugestio is working on a user-managed, centralized profile for the entire cultural sector in Flanders. The CultureFeed project will provide a single sign-on process and privacy-friendly profile management to make it easier for cultural venues to offer a personalized experience to first-time or infrequent visitors. Through easy to use widgets and CMS modules, CultureFeed can be integrated into their websites or mobile applications.